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  • HealthBleep is a FREE video education resource for healthcare agency staff, employees, trainees, patients and their families.
  • Video education can greatly reduce instances of RE-hospitalization and is a great way for family members to familiarize themselves with their loved ones care.

Instructional videos can be custom-made for your agency.

View videos filmed, edited, and produced by us HERE and HERE

Our Services

Patients and Caregivers

patients_caregiversEnhance patient and caregiver education through video!

You’ve heard the old saying that “Knowledge is Power”? That’s HealthBleep’s vision in a nutshell.

We want to provide the individual AND their healthcare providers the most current tutorial videos on a wide range of topics, procedures, and conditions, as well as a few very inspirational personal stories.

Knowledge is Power!

Agencies and Providers


Reduce costs by training your staff and clients through video education.

We would like to help agencies reduce their cost but still provide an excellent source of healthcare for their patients.

Video education is a wonderful platform for this, not only during the initial learning-by-watching phase, but to refer back to at a later time.

A great reference for your entire staff!

Insurance Service Providers

Insurance Service ProvidersLet’s discuss strategies on reducing hospitalization and REhospitalization.

Face it,  REhospitalization is a HUGE problem in healthcare, and much of it is due to improper education of the patient once they are released from the hospital.

Video education is an easy way to educate the patient once they’re on their own.

Let’s work together!

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