15 Health Benefits of Vitamin D

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15 Health Benefits of Vitamin D, According to Science (+15 Best Vitamin D Foods) Source: Jen Reviews Vitamin D, sometimes referred to as the “sunshine vitamin”, is a hormone-like, fat-soluble vitamin that your body produces when it is in direct contact with sunlight. Sunscreen however, important for protection from melanoma and rapid aging of the […]

Which High-Protein Diet Lowers Risk of Death?

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Many people use high-protein diets such as Weight Watchers or the South Beach Diet, among others, to quickly lose weight. And once they reach a certain weight goal, many will transition to a more balanced diet.

But some people stay on a diet long term to maintain their weight loss. And weight loss through diet certainly has significant benefits, including lowering your risk of developing high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, some cancers, and sleep apnea.