One of the missing elements has been the easy access to useable instruction videos to provide education for patients, caregivers and the extended home health care team.

HealthBleep is a response to the need for useable home health education for homebound patients and their caregivers.

We have collected and vetted more than 500 videos covering a range of home health topics from a large pool of available resources.  The HealthBleep model depends upon contributions from a broad range of health professionals and sponsorship from home health agencies and private sources who are interested and able to contribute to this worthy endeavor.

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  1. A special page on our website for your agency or business to which you can link from your website.  This special page will be developed, designed and maintained by HealthBleep staff in close collaboration with your agency.
  2. Special mention on our homepage as a HealthBleep sponsor.
  3. Reduced annual membership fee for 5 years
  4. Your sponsorship will enable HealthBleep to grow and improve more rapidly and effectively.  Your support will also make HealthBleep accessible to people with low incomes who would otherwise be unable to get access to the education provided by HealthBleep videos. 


HealthBleep would like to thank The Eddy VNA for their support during the development stages of HealthBleep

Eddy Visiting Nurse Association provides comprehensive healthcare services to help people remain independent and in their own homes.


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