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Fibromyalgia Dilemma: Tips on How to Sleep Better

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Fibromyalgia Dilemma: Tips on How to Sleep Better

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Fibromyalgia Dilemma: Tips on How to Sleep BetterAs humans, we will instinctively avoid pain no matter how the reality presents it. But in the case of people with fibromyalgia, pain takes a different form, like a bad story told – and worse, it eventually snatches them of their lives. They just couldn’t “live” until they die.

Pain Problem

Unknown to many, fibromyalgia is a syndrome highly associated with body-wide pain including tenderness in joints and muscles. People affected by it also experience chronic extreme fatigue, to the point that they would just crawl up to their beds right after dinner.  It is more common in women aged 30-50 years old, although it can affect both sexes and people at any age. Adding insult to injury, this condition has no known cure, and many patients need to have an ample amount of supplementation of vitamins and minerals in order to battle with the syndrome.

Although pain is already a big problem among these patients, another massive issue that poses threat to their comfort is the problem they have with sleeping. Many people affected with the disease often have no way to go: for pain decreases the quality of sleep, and lack of sleep further increases pain. This is where the combination of sleep difficulty and pain takes its toll on people with fibromyalgia.

For people with fibromyalgia are more likely to experience sleeping difficulty (and thus increasing their pain), it is vital to note some points on how they can improve their night’s rest. An adequate sleep during the night could help manage the widespread pain that they feel during the morning. Go over these tips find out how to make pain management could be highly improved by a good night’s rest.

Don’t Stay Excessively Long Hours In Bed

Many people with fibromyalgia may be tempted to go back to sleep after waking up, for the fatigue that they feel is actually worse in the morning. But they shouldn’t, because extremely long sleeps often result to fragment and shallow rest at night time. It is enough to get adequate sleep that is just sufficient to feel refreshed for the day. Oversleeping will definitely aggravate one’s condition since it’ll be difficult for you to sleep at night. It is strongly advised not to take afternoon naps, since the effect is the same.

Avoid Antagonistic Foods And Activities

It is already a general knowledge that one should get rid of caffeine just before going to sleep, but also alcohol should not be considered as a downer even. Both of the substances disturb your sleep. It’s never good to sleep hungry as well, since your tummy might just wake you up. Take a light snack of carbohydrates before resigning to help you with your sleep; it’s a natural reaction of our body to rest while digesting. However, eat light snacks instead of a heavy meal to avoid that bloated feeling. Of course, don’t take in stimulant beverages such as carbonated drinks. Stop sipping that coffee or tea late at night; coffee and tea contain caffeine that is a stimulant.

Get Active, But Not Too Much

Sure exercise could promote sleep in the evening, but it should not be done at least three hours prior to your scheduled rest. The stimulation that exercise can bring you might make it difficult for you to fall asleep. If you are still having difficulty sleeping, though you have exercised for the day, try the next tip.

Relaxation Is The Key

Deep breathing exercises, massage, aromatherapy, and a cool, quiet environment are undeniably a potentiator of a quality sleep at night. A gentle massage, especially, can help you calm your muscles right before bedtime, and thus, giving way to a better quality sleep. Aromatherapy works a lot since it does not only soothe your nerves, but it also sets the mood into a deep, relaxing feeling. You can alleviate the pain by guided imagery; imagine yourself in a relaxing setting, or you could have your partner help you imagine a relaxing scenery. Meditation works best if you can still handle the pain brought about by your condition.

It is important for patients with fibromyalgia to support their joints, and not cushion those. That is a too soft bed does really no advantage over some joint pains these people may feel. Clinicians now recommend that the best mattress for patients with fibromyalgia is a memory mattress, as these follow the contour of your body, exerting lesser pressure in your muscles and especially on your joints. However, memory foam mattress does sleep hot on the surface, that is why other doctors recommend a gel foam for a mattress which actually sinks into the foam and absorbs the heat. Some of the best mattresses in the market can cost a lot, but there are some which cost less than those in the mainstream but still give you the relief that you need.

We cannot just deny the fact that fibromyalgia has indeed been a major dilemma for those who are afflicted with it. If you have fibromyalgia, there are lots of websites offering free help and guidance for your condition. If you know a loved one with this condition, all you can give to him or her is patience, tender love, and care. During pain attacks, be the person he or she could hang onto and help him or her relax by breathing in and out. We may not be able to comprehend the pain that they are going through, but we can help them make it through the everyday struggles because of the support we give.

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